Server Merger

Greetings Team! 

Dragon Saga Phillipines has grown so fast, that it has nearly caught up to the world-wide server! One more expansion and we will have two identical servers. In order for our players to have the best experience possible, we will be merging DSPH into the larger world-wide server!

We are preparing for our Dragon Saga PH to Dragon Saga NA server merger! In order to do this quickly and easily, we have closed registration for PH. New game accounts can be created once the merger is complete!

Please understand that we will only be merging active accounts, so please make sure you log into your account to take part in the great merger events that will be happening!

Here are some great answers to your great questions!

  • Transfer date set at October 17th-18th!
  • All items and gold will be transfered!
  • All achievements will be transfered!
  • Your guild and guild info will be transfered!
  • Your Item Mall points will be transfered! (Make sure you top-up and cash in your Game Cards before October 17th comes around!)

Let us know if you have any questions! We are always happy to hear feedback from our awesome community! We want to thank all of you for making DSPH so great! 

<3 Producer Tirfing