Patch Notes 08/22/2018


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.0.16, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2018-08-23, 3:00 Server Time (PHT)





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Smuggler Shady
The quests Smuggled Hearts and Stolen Wings have been removed. To exchange the Protector of Stars Weapon/Wings for a Concentrated Black Dragon Lord's Heart [Weapon] resp. [Ingredient] Ripped Protector Wing a new Item Exchange dialog is now available at NPC Shady. 

This change has been made to prevent players from accidentally losing their PoS weapon/wing while mistakenly completing NPC Shady's quests.


Consumable Merchant Harvey
Consumable Merchant Harvey has opened his shop for you.
You can trade Silver Coins for some selected Item Mall consumables with him:
[Event] Enchant Insurance Scroll – 6 Silver Coins each
[Event] Reinforced Enchant Insurance Scroll – 7 Silver Coins each
[Event] Good Shop License – 13 Silver Coins each
[Event] Soul Craft Randomizer – 19 Silver Coins each
[Event] Pet Option Randomizer – 25 Silver Coins each
W-Coin – 150 Silver Coins each


Weekend EXP Rates
Friday, 8/24: 2.2x
Saturday, 8/25: 2.2x
Sunday, 8/26: 2.3x