Patch Notes 08/15/2018


Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.0.15, Client Version:

Server Maintenance
2018-08-16, 3:00 Server Time (PHT)




International Cat Day Event
The International Cat Day Event is ending. Lefover Cat Paw Fossils can be traded at the Vending Machine for another week.


Crazy Accessory Event
Kill monsters to collect Red Coins. You can get Balloon Rummage Boxes, Wig Boxes and Crazy Hat Boxes by trading Red Coins and Gada Goins at the Vending Machine.

The Balloon Rummage Box gives randomly one of several balloons, the Wig Box gives randomly one of several wigs you can equip on your IM or costume page, the Crazy Hat Box gives you randomly one of a lot of funny and crazy hats.

This event runs until August, 30th  3:00 Server Time (PHT).

ExCo System and Ancestor Items
We are proud to introduce 2 new systems which are connected to each other.

ExCo System
An ExCo (an abbrevation for Experience Container) is some kind of new currency. Everytime your max level character (currently Level 81) reaches 100% of EXP you get one ExCo which can be traded for some kind of things.

The ExCo trader is our new NPC Lucius. This little guy calls himself a Fallen Angel and wants to rule the world – at least when he is grown up. To take over the world Lucius needs a lot of experience and because of this he wants your Experience Containers (ExCo). Since he is a boy and does not know how to be really evil he gives you something in return (maybe the story of ruling the world is just bragging and he only tries to get rid of his diaper – who knows?).

The following items can be traded:

[Event] +2 Skill Points – 1 ExCo
[Event] Equip Inventory Expansion (1 Slot) – 1 ExCo
[Event] Consumable Inventory Expansion (1 Slot) – 1 ExCo
[Event] Misc Inventory Expansion (1 Slot) – 1 ExCo
[Event] Cash Inventory Expansion (1 Slot) – 1 ExCo
[Event] Pet Dye Potion – 10 ExCo
1* Ring of the Ancestor – 1 ExCo
1* Belt of the Ancestor – 1 ExCo
1* Necklace of the Ancestor – 1 ExCo
1* Bracelet of the Ancestor – 1 ExCo
1* Earrings of the Ancestor – 1 ExCo

Lucius can be found at Port of the Winds, Ellora Camp and Arcadia City.
The number of ExCo you have collected can be seen at the MiniMap below the money as soon as your character is Level 81.

Ancestor Items (Part 1)
Ancestor Items are a new type of items which can be obtained by trading for ExCo with NPC Lucius. After you have obtained one the item can be found in the new Ancestor Vault which can be accessed at NPC Sofia or NPC Lucius when your character has reached Level 20. The Ancestor Vault can be accessed by every character on the same account.

By double click or right click on one of the Ancestor Items the particular item will be equipped to the new Ancestor Page which can be seen at the Character Overview by pressing the Ancestor button.

Once equipped the item can’t be put back into the Ancestor Vault. You can either keep it equipped or destroy it by dragging it out of the Ancestor page.

Every item comes with one special stat which should help your low level characters to become a great adventurer.


Inka Shaman Artifact Costume (MixBoard Deluxe)
A new artifact costume is been added to the MixBoard (Deluxe). It comes with God Set stats and has a special item skill Shaman's Experience which gives the whole party a 25% EXP bonus for 10 minutes (cooldown is 30 minutes).





General Fixes and Changes
- fixed a bug that prevented players from buying/obtaining a gifted Regulus Mount. Buying/obtaining the gift containing Regulus should now be possible


Black Mono Outfit
Indigo Blues Outfit
Indigo Blues Outfit for Women (female)
Spy Tuxedo Outfit (male)


Romantic Goth Outfit (female) [Advanced Tab]
Pilot Costume [Advanced Tab]

Fire  Guardian Set [Special Tab]
White Dragon Ranger Costume [Special Tab]

Inka Shaman Outfit [Deluxe Tab] 
Apollo Set [Deluxe Tab]

Weekend EXP Rates
Friday, 8/10: 2.0x
Saturday, 8/11: 2.1x
Sunday, 8/12: 2.5x