Pre-Register Now! (ENDED)


Pre-Registration is now over.

Thank you everone for pre-registering! The event has concluded, but you can still create a character and experience Dragon Saga with your friends! Make sure to participate in other events, both in game and on Facebook for great prizes!


New Dragonsaga PH Adventurers!


Welcome! Welcome!


Make sure to Pre-Register and get cool items to help you get a jump start in your grand journey to glory!


Visit HERE and put in your email to recieve the free coupon code! These only work one per account.


Here are the awesome items you can get:


  • 1 DS PH Ballon – Exclusive PH only item
  • 1 Helga Mount
  • 200 Weapon Enchant Dust
  • 200 Armor Enchant Dust
  • 1 Stack Soul – used for Enchanting your Items!
  • 5 Event Insurance Scrolls
  • 3 Event Reinforced Insurance Scrolls
  • 3 Event Soulcraft Randomizers
  • 2 Event Pet Option Randomizers
  • 1 Event Mount Food (10 Days)


See you in game!